New Galaxy Dance Music Video

Funiworks would like to present to you the new Galaxy Dance music video. The three dimensional (3D) animation of the video is made with Blender 3D on a Windows 10 personal computer. The background instrumental music is composed with the MuseScore application on a personal computer that runs on the Windows 10 operating system. The sound and animation were placed together with the VideoPad application on the same Windows 10 computer.

In the video, you can watch astronauts and aliens dancing and doing some sort of break dancing while moving along some stars. The image of the stars are provided by NASA. Features found on Blender 3D like face fill, individual extraction, subdivide, and randomized were used to create the various shapes and effects.

Here are some tips on how to use the features mentioned earlier in this article. To use the face fill function, select the object you want to work on, change to edit mode, select mesh, select faces, and lastly select fill. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut key ALT+F once you are at the edit mode.

To use the subdivide function, select the object you want to work on, switch to edit mode, click on the subdivide button.

To use the randomize function, make sure your object is already subdivided. Once you have done that, make sure that you are in the edit mode. Once you have done that, click on the randomized button.

Thank you for watching the video. Funiworks hopes you will enjoy it.

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