New Galaxy Dance Music Video

Funiworks would like to present to you the new Galaxy Dance music video. The three dimensional (3D) animation of the video is made with Blender 3D on a Windows 10 personal computer. The background instrumental music is composed with the MuseScore application on a personal computer that runs on the Windows 10 operating system. The sound and animation were placed together with the VideoPad application on the same Windows 10 computer.

In the video, you can watch astronauts and aliens dancing and doing some sort of break dancing while moving along some stars. The image of the stars are provided by NASA. Features found on Blender 3D like face fill, individual extraction, subdivide, and randomized were used to create the various shapes and effects.

Here are some tips on how to use the features mentioned earlier in this article. To use the face fill function, select the object you want to work on, change to edit mode, select mesh, select faces, and lastly select fill. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut key ALT+F once you are at the edit mode.

To use the subdivide function, select the object you want to work on, switch to edit mode, click on the subdivide button.

To use the randomize function, make sure your object is already subdivided. Once you have done that, make sure that you are in the edit mode. Once you have done that, click on the randomized button.

Thank you for watching the video. Funiworks hopes you will enjoy it.

New Spectacular Fireworks Video

I created this fireworks display with FWsim. FWsim, l believe stands for Fireworks Simulator. It allows the user to create realistic-looking fireworks video. With FWsim, you can create colourful fireworks. You can choose from a standard list of colours which include red, green blue, orange, yellow, gold, purple, black, and white. You can also create your own custom colours similar to MS Paint. You can select different types of fireworks known as effects including rockets, Roman candles, peonies, palms, and Bengal flames. If you do not wish to use the standard effects, you may unlock your own creativity by creating your own effects. You can combined several different types of effects together.

You can add 3D models including buildings to your fireworks video with FWsim. Some famous buildings and structures like the Eiffel Tower, the Ferris Wheel, the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, the Notre Dame, Tokyo Tower, and the Vienna City Hall are included with the app or software. You can also include buildings from websites suggested by FWsim.  I haven’t try it but I believe I can create my own 3D designs and upload them to one of the websites, and then, upload it to FWsim. 

I strongly suggest that you create your fireworks video with FWsim with the highest resolution possible so that the display will be more realistic. 

You can add your own music to FWsim easily. You can add a royalty free music or one your have permission to use. You may want to compose your own. For this video, I use MuseScore to compose my music. It will be very much appreciated.

Remember to select 4K when viewing on YouTube to get the best viewing experience and quality.

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New 3D Christmas Music Video

I have recently created a new 3D Christmas Music Video. The instrumental music used in the is the famous German Christmas Carol, ‘O Tannenbaum’ aka ‘O Christmas Tree’ in English. I arranged the music using MuseScore. The video was created with Blender 3D.

The scene in the video is my imagination of nineteenth century western home with automation. You may see a gramophone, a mechanical doll, and a mechanical computer with a paper tape in the video. According to Wikipedia, O Christmas Tree or O Tannenbaum was composed by Ernst Gebhard Salomon Ansch├╝tz in 1824. It was based on a 16th-century Silesian folk song, “Ach Tannenbaum” by Melchior Franck. Originally, it was not written for Christmas. It was about the evergreen quality of the fir tree and Tannenbaum is German for fir tree. Thank you for viewing our video. Please like it and share it with your friends. Please support us on Patreon: Please like us on Facebook: Please follow us on Twitter:

You can view the video below or on YouTube.